Antique Botanica Bundle

earn all 56 flower illustrations from Antique Botanica volume I, II, III and IV for 50% off with this bundle! Extra large in size and with clean reduce edges the flowers would glimpse worthy on posters, wedding invitations, patterns, brand design and more.

**Included in this bundle:**
– Antique Botanica Vol.01
– Antique Botanica Vol.02
– Antique Botanica Vol.03
– Antique Botanica Vol. 04 (novel addition)

**Size, format and software requirements**:
– 14.5in (4369px) long or larger, varying width
– 300 ppi
– PNG files with transparent background that work with most graphic software and online photo editors

**List of flowers:**
narrow-leaved everlasting pea, tuberous moschatel, furze, pink campion, spindle-tree, spotted orchis, clustered bell-flower, dog-rose, yellow loose-strife, moneywort, meadow saxifrage, nettle-leaved bell-flower, thrift, musk-mallow, agrimony, birdsfoot trefoil, daffodil, tufted vetch, lady’s smock, wallflower, yellow-horned poppy, red meadow clover, anemone, blackthorn, water avens, garlic mustard, cherry, watercress, honeysuckle, bee orchis, primrose, touch-me-not, apple, wood sorel, scarlet poppy, yellow iris, field rose, greater willow herb, hyacinth, white campion, toad flax, lily of the valley, feverfew, privet, strawberry, foxglove, woodruff, yellow water lily, buxbaum speedwell, corn marigold, small willow herb, succory, meadow crowfoot, sainfoin, rest harrow, devil’s-bit scabious

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