Ancestry – Genealogical Tree Creator

**Ancestry – Genealogical Tree Toolkit Creator** was born out of my never ending necessity for unique kits that allow you to create awesome personalised gifts. And this one is all about family, roots and closeness. What better way to celebrate and honour your roots than creating a custom illustration of your family along with it’s core values, and hey, you can even add in your pets 🙂

**How does it work?**

This tool kit comes with 5 different themes:
– Oak and Berry – oak themed
– Autumnal Maple – Maple, Autumn themed
– Gardens of Delfi – Olive inspired
– Magnolia Blossoms – Southern Magnolia
– Eucalyptus Charm – A more fresh with aquatic tones featuring the Eucalyptus tree.

First usage suggestion:
You gain 5 different trees to choose from. Choose one that you like, they all approach with matching graphics to design your work coherent. Add in the wood elements or if you don’t want too, simple create a round or square shape so that you gain a base to overlay the names one. Add your Family Base on top of the trunk of the tree. Continue to add wood elements and name on the tree canopy until you gain finished the family members you wish achieve display. Now you are done with your tree.

Add in embellishments and a cute quote that represents family, devotion, tribe, cherish or something that is meaningful to your family.

Second usage suggestion:
Simply add the wood slices and create the family base, add members and sustain adding until you gain a tree design developing. Unite them with your favourite branches. Add embellishments and quotes.

Of course this pack is so mammoth and versatile it can be used for a variety of projects and to give you some ideas I added in a few logo templates and wedding templates.

**Ideas on projects to expend:**
– Genealogical Trees in various formats
– Branding & Stationary
– For small businesses and corporations – A tree to represent the founding members and the employees along with the date when the business was opened and the core values and objectives of the business. Perfect for gifts, to hand in the office or to add on the website or social media.
– Alternative Wedding guest sign. Just add the tree with the wood slices and print it on a large poster. query the guests to sign on a wood slice.
– Wedding Stationary of all sorts.

These are just a few ideas but I am sure you can approach up with more 🙂

**What is included?**
-This pack features a very large variety of graphics, at it’s core being the 5 trees and their matching designs.
-Wood slice elements such as heart and animal paw
-PSD templates of genealogical trees 2 for each tree design ( 10 in total )
-PSD templates of logos 4 for each tree designs ( 20 in total )
-PSD templates of wedding stationary 4 for each tree designs ( 20 in total )
-Universal Embellishments
-2 ribbons
-2 backgrounds in textured papers
-various premade design elements, quantity vary by each set.

The files approach in PNG, JPEG and PSD.
Easy to expend just drag and drop them on your canvas to design your designs, nothing complicated. But if you need any aid please let me know!

Download Ancestry – Genealogical Tree Creator


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