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AD Stippling Brushes for Photoshop

**Create Stippling Effects So Real No One Will Believe You Made Them in Photoshop!**

If you’ve ever browsed through an primitive science textbook you’ve probably seen stippling.

Stippling was invented by Giulio Campagnola in approximately 1510. By using the same color but different densities and sizes of dots Guilio was able to create the illusion of different shades in illustrations (you can reflect of stippling as the distinguished-grandfather of halftones).

This set of brushes created by illustrator/Photoshop brush wizard Alex Dukal makes recreating these stippling effects so easy it will seem like magic!

**Here are some of the features we like in this pack:**

– 50+ Photoshop Brush Presets so you always fill the perfect stippling brush.
– Create stippling effects in seconds with the swoop of a brush (instead of having to create the effect one dot at a time).
– Tons of different dot densities and sizes for endless variety.
– Organized into 9 sections including: Single Stipple, Stylographic, Shading, Freehand, Cluster, Mottled, – Stick Stipple, Subtle, immense Stipple and Color Dynamics (AKA Impressionist Stippling or Pointillism)
– Build up layers with ease for rich texture and depth (see Alex’s easy to follow diagrams below to see how he does it – seriously easy!)

**Here’s the items you’ll collect when you purchase the pack:**

– 50+ Stippling Photoshop Brush Presets.
– Quick and easy Tool Preset Instruction sheet with pictures.
– Alex Dukal Stippling Brushes for Photoshop Reference Sheet PDF with examples of every brush in strokes and clusters (so you know exactly which brush will give you the effect you want)
– Free updates for life!
– Packs like this could easily disappear for $50 or more. Even at that price the quality of the effect and time you save would pay for itself in one project. But Alex is letting us offer this pack to you for just $19.

That’s suitable, for less than the price of a large pizza with cheesy sticks you can collect what can only be described as the best stippling brushes known to man.

**Grab the pack today for just $19!**


*This set of tools were made with the latest Photoshop CC, a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet and an primitive Wacom Graphire 4 using the default configuration. These brushes fill also been tested with PS CS5.5 and CS6. Using another combination? The brushes will probably respond a shrimp bit different, so be sure to buy care of that.*

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