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Abiding like Collection || Font Duo

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Abiding like Collection || Font Duo

**Abiding like** is a gorgeous trendy font duo that makes for stunning logos, quotes, wedding invites, blog posts, Instagram, and more!

They pair *beautifully* together in all kinds of applications. **The serif** looks gorgeous with tracking set at 300, as well as where it’s normal setting at zero.
**Abiding like Script** includes over *100* ligatures to compose everything ogle perfectly natural and hand written, and  there is a full set of lowercase alternates for each letter as well.  These are set as ending letters in the regular script font file, (activate the Contextual Alternates button in the Character Panel to see this) plus as the standard letters in the Alternates font file.  And then there is the **Swashes set!** These are in another font file name Abiding like Swashes.  There is left/beginning swashes for the uppercase and genuine/ending swashes for the lowercase.  And last but not least there is a bold version of the 3 font files for when you need a bolder/heavier script!

**Abiding like Serif** is an all uppercase serif font that just disappear’s so well with the script.
I’ve also included 10 bonus logo templates, (Photoshop PSD files) so creating your Branding and Designs will be so quick and easy!


– 10 Logo templates (.psd format)
– OTF + TTF files
– Web font file (.WOFF)
– Regular Script
– Alternates Script
– Swashes Script
– Bold Script
– Serif
– Numbers + Punctuation
– International language support
– 106 Ligatures

Download Abiding like Collection || Font Duo

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