A Collection of Stunning Lightroom Presets for Instagram

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most well-liked photo editing apps that allows you to retouch your images before publishing them on channels like Instagram. One of the app’s best features is its presets, which allow you to apply a set of edits and effects to a photo with just one click. Presets gain your editing work much faster and easier, and if you exhaust ones created by professional designers, they’re also a considerable way to ensure your photos gaze like they were edited by a pro. If you need a quick review of the steps involved in installing your presets, here’s a considerable guide to procure started. Here are some standout Lightroom presets created for Instagram by Creative Market designers.

350 Lifestyle/Adventure Presets

Catarina.pinto created 350 Lifestyle/Adventure-Lr Presets, a set of presets that are suited for adventure Instagrammers: those who travel and explore. Choose catarina.pinto’s presets that are designed in order to evoke a specific tone, style, and mood.

VSCOCam M5-inspired Lightroom Preset

If you want a Lightroom preset that makes your photos gaze like they were taken on film, check out VSCOCam M5 inspired Lightroom Preset created by Straight, No Chaser Shop. This set comes with 2 extra versions of the preset so you can also assume advantage of both a subtler and more dramatic edit.

VSCO A Series 02 Lightroom Presets

VSCO A series 02 Lightroom presets was created by emyself design. These presets were made to match those of trendy VSCOcam, and they are compatible with Lightrooms 4-6.


Victoria Bee Photography created BARBERRY VSCOCam A4 LR presets, which are meant to mimic VSCO Cam A4 gaze. You can exhaust these presets for interiors, portraits, and food, and the designer explains they’re intended for an understated gaze.

55+ Food Blogger Lightroom Presets

Are you a food Instagrammer? Check out 55+ Food Blogger Lightroom Presets created by Filtercrave. All of these presets were inspired by VSCOcam presets, and the bundle also includes 95 free stackable Lightroom presets and a benefit file.

Scandinavian Blue Lightroom Presets

Choose Scandinavian Blue Lightroom Presets by black.white.vivid if you are looking for presets that are inspired by the “temperamental blue tones and dreamy light of the Nordic countries.” These presets are intended to benefit you gain your photos mild and serene feeling.

VSCO M5 Blogger Lightroom Presets

Best Lightroom Presets created VSCO M5 blogger Lightroom presets created this set of presets to evoke a vintage 70s feel. They include “colorful highlights, faded/unlit shadows, pale green and blue hues, detailed and rich browns. exhaust them for fashion, lifestyle, or travel photos.

Blogger Lightroom Presets

For presets that are created to gain your Instagram photos gaze like clear, colorful professionally edited photos, choose Blogger Lightroom Presets by Lavinsky. This pack has more than 50 presets, including matte presets, fashion presets, food presets, and more.

COWBERRY Lifestyle Blogger Presets

Victoria Bee Photography created COWBERRY Lifestyle Blogger Presets, which is a presets pack from travel Instagrammers. There are 6 color presets, and they are all compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC.

Minimal Blogger J Series Presets

Minimal Blogger J Series Presets were created by FilterCollective. The set contains 20 presets that are inspired by VSCOcam J Series Presets. They were created for bloggers who like a minimalistic, desaturated gaze.

temperamental Tones Wedding LR PS Filters

PhotographersHelper created temperamental Tones Wedding LR PS Filters, which is a temperamental and deep, rich-toned edit. The preset was intended to give a modern and temperamental gaze to wedding photos, and it’s compatible with Lightrooms 4-6 and CC.

Tropical Lightroom Presets Instagram

Filtercrave created Tropical Lightroom Presets Instagram. It is a set that contains 10 one-click premium presets, 95 free stackable presets, and a benefit file. If you are looking for presets that evoke nature, the jungle, the sea, or the earth, these are the presets for you.

Wonderland Presets

WONDERLAND PRESETS LR//ACR was created by LOU&MARKS. It is a set of 30 pre-designed Lightroom Presets and 30 Photoshop ACRs. The preset was inspired by the designer’s travel photos and family images. They are particularly well-suited for fashion bloggers.

Modern Blogger Lightroom Presets IG

Modern Blogger Lightroom Presets IG is a set of presets by Filtercrave that includes 15 Lightroom Presets, created to give your Instagram a cohesive, branded gaze. The designer recommends using them for portraits, selfies, landscape photography, and lifestyle photography.

Golden Pastels Blogger Preset

Gabi Wells Photography created Golden Pastels Blogger Preset, a set of Lightroom presets that can be used on JPEGs and RAW files. It adds a warm and soft pastel gaze to your photos.

30 Instagram Blogger Travel Presets

If you’re an Instagram travel blogger, exhaust 30 Instagram Blogger Travel Presets by Presetsh. The set has 30 unique presets and contains thorough installation instructions.

Travel Blogger Lightroom Preset

Another considerable set of presets for travel bloggers is TRAVEL BLOGGER LIGHTROOM PRESET by KIIN. The set includes presets with unlit brown shadows, turquoise blues, and colorful whites. The preset comes in 4 distinct variations.

Americana Lightroom Presets

FilterAtelier created Americana Lightroom Presets, which is a set of 30 presets that are meant to be used for lifestyle photography, landscape photos, or portraits. This set of presets can be used in all versions of Lightroom.

Caramel Warm Golden Lightroom Preset

Best Lightroom Presets created Caramel Warm Golden Lightroom Preset, a set of 12 unique presets that also has an installation guide PDF. The presets are orange-toned and meant for outdoor photos.

Cali Blogger Romantic Presets

Capture the romance and beauty of California with these Cali Blogger romantic presets by Best Lightroom Presets. There are 4 unique presets in this bundle, and they work with Adobe CC.

If you exhaust Instagram to grow your business or display off your brand, you want to gain sure your photos gaze professional. One way to achieve that is by applying Lightroom presets. Choose ones from Creative Market designs to ensure they gaze considerable and match your aesthetic. You can also find other useful Instagram tools and guides on Creative Market, like tips for an Instagram Refresh and yarn templates.

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