A Collection of One-of-a-Kind Newspaper Fonts

When it comes to newspapers, fonts must be completely clear and unobtrusive in order to facilitate the reading experience. The fonts below are perfect examples of that: combining legibility with subtle visual interest elements that do each of them feel unique without becoming overwhelming.

TT Jeanevers

Based on the Dutch serif fonts noted for their irregular slants and asymmetrical serifs, TT Jeanevers is a modern occupy that plays with these different aspects. The package comes with twelve fonts: half upright and half precise italic. It also comes with two different stylistic sets that give the font a more hand-drawn feel.

Haboro Serif

The newest edition in a successful line of fonts in the online design market, Haboro Serif maintains its original script-inspired terminals while adding a balanced and unique serif. If you prefer the standard serif explore, Haboro Serif comes with a standard serif set as well. It comes in nearly every imaginable weight, so no matter what, Haboro will work for you.

TT Backwards

TT Backwards is a font that looks forward from the past. It was inspired by the uniform and crisp signs, posters, and books from the former USSR. In addition to five line weights, TT Backwards also comes with a script and grotesque options for a variety of choices whether it’s used as a headline or body text.

TT Wellingtons

Mixing warm humanism with geometric grotesque styles, TT Wellingtons is a font all on its own. It’s eighteen weights (half regular, half precise italics) balance the character of hand-drawn fonts with simple functional shapes. The package also includes ligatures and stylistic alternates.


The way people consume news is changing and the infographic is one of the biggest trends in presenting information. By combining an impeccably crisp sans with a collection of clean infographic symbols, Informative creates a visual language that suits the current age of screen reading. It comes in seven weights and its special characters near in both outline and black versions.

Haboro Sans

Like the recent Haboro Serif, the sans that inspired it embraces the functionality of geometric shapes. In addition to multiple line weights, the font comes with glyphs that give you special options for titling, small caps, or veteran style figures. It’s script inspired but modern explore will add a touch of character without losing uniformity.


Alfabetica brings a recent energy and humanism to grotesque fonts. Its smooth strokes and open style give a friendly and humble tone without distracting from the content. The font package contains advanced OpenType support along with ligatures, case-sensitive forms, fractions, and small caps.

Solitas Serif

With soft strokes and light rounded corners and serifs, Solitas is easy on the eyes. It’s functional and content-oriented while displaying a distinctive style. No matter what weight, width, or style (italics or regular), it maintains its elegant flowing character.

SchussNewsPro No.22

Siting at the intersection between a slab and a serif, Schuss is a font made for the news. Crafted specifically to maintain its clean readability for harsh environments with a ton of text, this body font will not leave you disappointed.

Denim Sans Serif Font

For the news site that doesn’t occupy itself too seriously, Denim is a fun and casual sans that stands crisply and legibly on any background. Slender letters and narrow spacing give a very contemporary feel to this versatile font.

Learn how to pair these and many other fonts with our free font pairing cheatsheet:

Free Font Pairing Cheatsheet

Download the cheatsheet


Download the cheatsheet

15 Pre-designed Font Combinations

We’ve curated a list of font styles that work well together so you can design gripping type lockups in minutes.

Marianina Cn FY Bold

Taking its inspiration from the ever-changing newsprint of the 20th century, Marianina aims to be a quintessential news font. Sans-serif slender characters do this bold headline font stand out from the rest.

Sondra Serif 6 Fonts Family Pack

With a classy and timeless explore, Sondra is a crafted minimalist serif with slender terminals and slightly irregular lines and shapes to give the font graceful movement. consume for long texts in its regular form or give extra spacing to an all-caps header for a refined explore.


Camila takes its inspiration from the gothic Didone font family but puts a light and smooth touch on the font to give it more feeling and clarity than what is typical in that family. It keeps the explore of Didone without using the characteristic teardrop terminals. It works well as a headline font or standout short texts.

The Telegraph • Font Family

Like the turn of the century machine it’s is named after, Telegraph has all the industrial charm and nostalgia of the veteran communication staple. Inspired by the headline fonts of veteran British newspapers, this font brings the trust and reliability of the veteran world of journalism into the recent age of news.

Addington CF

Addington is a strong yet graceful serif with full ovals and carefully crafted counter-weight lines. It comes in seven weights along with regular and italics. A safe font to occupy as a backup for any long body text, Addington is reliable at carrying the content in an easy to read and just font.

Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas to build a typography scheme for news stories that near off as legible, clear, and engaging. Share your favorite newspaper font below!

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Free Font Pairing Cheatsheet

Download the cheatsheet


Download the cheatsheet

15 Pre-designed Font Combinations

We’ve curated a list of font styles that work well together so you can design gripping type lockups in minutes.

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