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**Valued at over $200, this one-of-a-kind bundle is just $20!**

procure ready for an avalanche of design goodness with the **Modern Artisan Typeface Collection!** This Ultra-handy, Ultra-Trendy bundle has everything you need to create hand lettered branding, packaging, apparel, totes, quotes and more! The “MAC” is PACKED with 16 novel fonts, over 100 Illustrations, 27 Logo Templates, and TWO special bonuses for your creative pleasure.


– **MAC_Burlesque** – A Fun, all caps typeface with alternating upper and lowercase characters.
– **MAC_Cabana Sunset** – A Thin, hand lettered font, designed for legibility, it looks noteworthy on taglines & quotes.
– **MAC_Cabana Sunset Bold** – Just in case you needed a thicker version in your life.
– **MAC_Chunky Monkey** – A Super Thick, hand sketched display font, designed specifically for Headlines. But this chunky fella also looks fantastic as subtext in logos.
– **MAC_Chunky Monkey Solid** – The Solid version looked so frigid, I just had to include it.
– **MAC_Confetti Bomb** – The bundle is worth it, for this font alone! I honestly can’t procure enough of Confetti Bomb! With it’s smooth stokes and unusual Caps, this typeface looks uniquely stunning in just about everything.
– **MAC_Confetti Bomb Italic** – It was just so pretty, I added an Italic Version. Because, you know, wedding season is coming. 😉
– **MAC_Firecracker** – This highly-legible sans serif looks fantastic as a display font, but it’s equally stunning for taglines and small text.
– **MAC_Ladyfingers** – A quirky sans serif, perfect for logos. I especially savor the Uppercase “Q.”
– **MAC_Matchmaker** – Matchmaker is the only “textured” font in the bundle. Boasting a slightly rustic appearance paired with elegant lines, Matchmaker looks especially lovely on personal branding and business cards.
– **MAC_Oh Fabulous!** – This is one of my favorites! It’s sweet, a bit condensed, and full of charm. Oh Fabulous! contains ligatures, and a few hidden glyphs. 😉
– **MAC_Pencil Pusher** – A simple handwriting font for legible quotes, taglines & logos.
– **MAC_Punchbowl Bandits** – A Font bundle wouldn’t be complete without that quirky serif, trusty? Well, that’s Punchbowl Bandits. And this cutie-pie comes with: “La, Le, Li, Lo, Lu & Ls” automatic ligatures to earn your type standout!
– **MAC_Sugarshack** – This super sweet sans serif looks dreamy on pillows, notebooks, calendars & planners.
– **MAC_Supercute Crush** – I’ve been wanting a thicker, condensed script for quotes, so I whipped up this baby. This smooth, whimsical font pairs so well with Pencil Pusher & Cabana Sunset. (The Uppercase Characters looks fantastic on their own).
– **MAC_Swanky** – Swanky is just like it’s name; Relaxed and saucy. I especially like the numerals on this one (hint, hint). 😉 Oh, and this one comes with decorative beginning and halt characters.


– **27+ Inspirational Logo Templates (AI & EPS)** – I’ve added a few extra logos in the actual download too. What can I whisper, I just couldn’t finish. 😉
– **120 Hand Drawn Elements** ( Including Banners, Florals, Talk Bubbles, & Other Household Items) FILE TYPES: AI, EPS & PNG
– **BONUS ITEMS:** There are two lovely bonus items included. But I can’t show you. You just contain to download and find out. 😉

**significant STUFF:**

– All Fonts are PUA Encoded to work with Inkscape and other Character Maps.
– All Fonts are currently English Only, with standard punctuation and numerals.
– Most of the fonts contain automatic ligatures or hidden alternate characters, so be sure to check your Glyphs Panels.
– The existing logos are for personal spend (and inspiration). Please don’t just resell the logos as your own work. This pack was a total labor of savor and I hope it inspires you to earn glorious things.
– The Floral Pattern shown in the previews can be found in any of the EI or EPS files. Just drag and drop from your Swatches.
– Be sure to test any/all of the fonts from this pack (directly above)!
– If you contain licensing questions, give Creative Market a shout ([email protected]). They really know their stuff. 😉

Okay, that’s it! Feel free to give me a shout if you contain any questions!

cheerful designing!


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