30 Unique Western Fonts Full of Grit & Character

deem of the Wild West and what immediately comes to mind? Aside from cowboys and pioneers, those were the days of gunslingers, prospectors, Jesse James, and “Billy the Kid”. But regardless of lawlessness, those were simpler times, too. It was during this period that the nation enjoyed numerous explorations, discoveries, and development.

It’s no wonder that obsolete style Western fonts are still in distinguished demand today. Not just when you want to evoke that ol’ Wild West feel, but also when you need your designs to stand out. Whether you’re working on branded posters or custom logos, trust on Western fonts to save the day.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Check out this collection of unique Western fonts for some inspiration.

1. Savath

unsafe times call for savage fonts. Welcome this itsy-bitsy gem by Aiyari. A typeface inspired by classic and retro horror movies, it even comes with extra graphic elements and premium logo templates to come by you started.

2. Ricochet

Flying bullets, mobs, men running from the law – these were all common occurrences in the Wild West. Creator benharman perfectly captures the masculine vibe of the times with this bold font.

3. Americus Script and Sans

Looking for something that will add a natural touch to your projects? survey no further than this handcrafted font by Andrey Sharonov. Available in four beautifully imperfect styles, it’ll survey distinguished on logos, labels, package designs, shirts, and more.

4. Lawless Font

It’s me simon hit the jackpot in this authentic vintage Wild West typography inspired by early 1800s American wood type. Brash, bold, and comes in four different styles, it’s a must-beget in every designer’s toolkit.

5. Kicking Horse Font Family

Branding has never been easier thanks to Greg Nicholls and this font family. This slab serif is all you need to create fantastic logos, labels, t-shirts, and other branded material with the ideal weathered, western vibe.

6. CA Coronado Family

Searching for something bold but not ready for that rugged Western theme? Try this one from Cape Arcona Type Foundry. This display font is best used in titles, logos, and headlines for that friendly yet bold outcome.

7. Ranch Vintage Font

Gleb Guralnyk evokes the feel of simple living through these Western fonts with hand-drawn illustrations and decorative frames! near home to the countryside everytime you exercise it on your projects.

8. Wood Type Font Collection

Every creative needs a reliable typography they could always turn to. When that time comes, you’d be glad you got this collection by Anugraha Design. Reminiscent of 1900s wood type printing, the pack includes bonus textures, ornaments, and graphic styles to mix and match.

9. The Vintage Slab Font Collection

Zone 6 proudly presents this bundle featuring two font families. That means a total of eight fantastic fonts to choose from. Pick between a fearless slab serif for Wild West themes, or fade for something classic yet adventurous.

10. Harsh Typeface

Need a chilly logo in a snap? Let Magicpics save the day in this strong typeface. Perfect for logos, posters, packaging, headlines, apparel designs, and more, the pack even comes with bonus logo templates you can quickly customize.

11. PressBox Font Combo

perform your posters, headlines, book or album covers near alive in this metal-type inspired font family by Vintage Type Co. Pair your designs with their bonus decorative elements for a truly authentic 1800s vibe.

12. Chaiaathah

TGIF.STD lets you travel back in time in this high quality western typography. Layer the font styles to come by exactly the survey and feel of the exciting Wild West in minutes.

13. Chester Typeface

Inspired by a combination of obsolete postcard stamps and rustic sign paintings, this collection by StoricType is all about fun. Relive carnival and pioneering days through the font’s unique decorative shapes meant to be layered for appealing final products.

14. Woodblock Collection

Remember obsolete signs from barber shops and saloons of a bygone past? Thanks to Hustle Supply Co., now you can effortlessly re-create them using these sans and slab serif pairings. Ideal for exercise in the food and beverage industry, as well as handcrafted projects.

15. Goliad Font

Who doesn’t like beer, BBQ, and cowboys? It’s no wonder Trailhead Design Co. thought of them as the inspiration in this hardworking font collection. Featuring five styles for that distinguished Southern flare, now it’s easier to come by a feel for the obsolete West.

16. Montrena

Having a hard time catching the perfect vintage vibe? Let Heybrinc Studio occupy care of that for you in this handmade display font available in two styles (Clean and Rough).

17. Barbarossa

Don’t settle for ‘excellent’ when it comes to critical works. Be sure to perform a statement using this legendary typeface by namistudio.

18. Bootstrap

Aerotype presents this slightly distressed font fit for signs, logos, posters, headlines, and more. perform your projects survey a itsy-bitsy worn in, or just somewhat vintage.

19. Circus Freak Font

Reminiscent of vintage letterpress printing with a delicate chromatic color effect, this thick slab serif by It’s me simon outdoes itself in four unique styles that’ll add just the good dramatic touch to your works.

20. Black Django Typeface

Western fonts can survey romantic, too! Blankids Studio proves just that in this typeface with elegant lines suited for packaging, headlines, and printed materials, such as wedding invitations and posters.

21. Space Cowboy Serif Aged and Clean

What’s better than the rugged survey of the Wild West? Combine it with science fiction, of course! In this bold, aged display serif font by CorgiAstronaut, come by ready to be taken on a wild ride featuring space buccaneers and renegades.

22. Buckboard Family

Imagine the authentic wood type signage with its original patina – a precise classic indeed. Re-create a similar feel to any of your works instantly using this font family by Aerotype.

23. Vintage Wood Type

You can never fade improper adding a bit of obsolete-fashioned sensibility in your projects. Aerotype makes this easy for any creative in this bundle featuring three font families in one. savor Applewood, Bootstrap, and Buckboard all set and ready for exercise in your next vintage masterpiece.

24. UN’CHAINED Font Family

Inspired by Morricone music, Tarantino, and Leone movies, this hidden gem from Vintage Voyage Design Co. is a distinguished steal, featuring seven main styles and four support styles in one convenient pack.

25. Shelton Slab

Unique typefaces are an art of their own. That’s why you’ll be proud to beget this one in your toolkit. Created HVD Fonts, this typeface has an eroded, printed survey that will survey delicate in small or large sizes, as well as layered in designs.

26. Firebox Slab Serif Font

Even the Wild West can be fun at times – like this itsy-bitsy number by RetroSupply Co.. It’s not just a simple slab serif; it’s a thick font with lots of character.

27. Smoking Typeface

Gleb Guralnyk gives creatives this elegant Western font with a bonus illustration. With separate base and shadow files, it’s easier to recolor to achieve your desired outcome in minutes.

28. ALITIDE Typeface

The best fonts are usually those that can serve various purposes. A excellent example is this western style display typeface by alit design. While it’s best suited to vintage or Wild West themes, it will survey equally as excellent – if not better – on steam punk, Goth, or even Halloween-related projects!

29. Neato Serif Font Family

Adam Ladd presents this quirky serif with plenty stylistic alternates to instantly add flair to whatever you’re working on. Bets used on headlines, posters, packaging, and branding materials.

30. Dafodil

Inspired by the cowboy style, this authentic itsy-bitsy number from Flavortype is all about breathing unusual life into the Wild West. To truly give your works a sense of the lawlessness, they’ve even included an extra vector pack filled with chilly cowboy stuff!

Are you ready to discover a unusual frontier using these wild Western fonts?

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