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**30% OFF, limited time only (for few days) $27 instead of $39**


Check presentation about this update:

– 32 novel lovely scenes added. **Now 49 scenes total**
– 11 novel scenes for branding projects
– 9 novel scenes for hero-header images
– 12 novel scenes for presentations

– 214 items added. **Now 416 items total**
– Mega Quality Apparel and accsessories Mockups included for free, and will be available also as a separate product soon (some of you guys interrogate about it)
– novel books mockups
– novel paper mockups (some of you guys interrogate about US sizes and we added)
– novel envelopes mockups
– novel business cards with color border
– novel magazines mockups
– novel devices mockups (some of you guys contemplate that Macbook has improper perspective, we add novel Macbook). Also now devices gain different options (for example you can choose color of an iPhone)
– novel artist tools
– novel pens and pencils
– novel packs and boxes mockups
– novel cards and envelopes for invitations, greeting cards etc. (you guys interrogate about it)
– novel super cold environment items, plants, vinyl, typewriter etc.
– novel gigantic items, tables and chairs

-In order to decrease the file sizes, all the items in premade scenes are rasterized and the scenes gain 2000x1500px (or 2600px) resolution (which will be enough for 99% of projects). Don’t worry, if you need them bigger, you can easily recreate them in a larger size, using our scene generator and items. **Archived version is about 15 GB** (and that’s already optimized size)

**More about ver 2 update you can find here:** –



All three parts are available in a bundle



– Topview | 363 items, 46 scenes, $38

– Perspective *[current]* | 416 items, 33 scenes, $39

– Frontview | 253 items, 28 scenes, $35



– Video Tutorials

– Intelligent employ of Images in Design Projects

– All Scenes and Items

– How to create scenes using ‘I am Creator’

– How to change colors in ‘I am Creator’




– Long Scroll Preview:

– FREE sample:

– FREE animated in Photoshop mockup, that you can employ with this scene generator:

– Quick Demo Video:

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Huge Graphic Pack for creating environments with a lot of features.
Create Environments for: **Branding**, **Art**, **Calligraphy**, **Typography**, **Architect**. Create **Prints**, **Websites**. Showcase your work.


**416 ITEMS IN 23 PACKS:**
– Notepads
– Cards
– Envelopes and stamps
– Packages
– Paper Mockups
– Magazines
– Books
– traditional Boxes
– Artist environemnt
– Pen and Pencils
– Devices
– Calligraphy tools
– Environment
– Environment
– Texture Blocks
– Pressforms
– Cards and Envelopes
– Apparel Mockups
– Tags Mockups
– Apparel Accsessories
– Environment
– Environment



1. **Extremely High Resolution**. mountainous resolution and excellent quality of items, allows you to create really huge scenes for mountainous Retina screens or print projects

2. **Layered Transparent Shadows**. All shadows are in separate and transparent layer, that allows you to adjust the contrast of it for better result. Also now it’s easy to export them

3. **One scene for all**. All items made in the same scene and same lighting setup, so they are works mighty with each other

4. **Color Masks for Every Material**. Every material of every item has a color mask, so it’s very easy to change color and customize every item. *Note: If item made in one material there is no mask to it, because of no need, you can just add adjustment layer to whole item*

5. **Realistic Mockups**. Just insert text or logo into smartobject and it will automatically changed on item. High quality effects give a photorealistic result



1. **One File – mighty Possibilities.**
From Facebook Covers to Hero images, presentations and print projects.

2. **Forever Free Updates.**
More items, pack themes and effects will be added and available for free.

3. **mountainous Discount.**
All packs are available at a super low price than if you buy them all separately.


1. Scene Creator (1 psd, 8 backgrounds, 16 premade adjustment layer combinations)
2. 416 items (23 psd)
3. 49 Sample Scenes (19 psd)


*indispensable: This file is over Creative Market file size limit (500 MB). The link to items and scenes is included in the PDF file.*



*Logos, bages and patterns are not included in this pack, just used for preview purposes*


Mockup scene creator, scene creator mockups, scene creator


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