25 Essential Branding Terms for Non-Designers

Brand designers believe their own jargon: specialized terms that convey specific elements and steps within the branding process. However, if you’re not an experienced designer, you might not be clued into what each of these means. To accept a superior start understanding about how designers hotfoot about creating brands, and how companies can best market themselves to the consumers they want to attract, you may want to bookmark these 25 essential branding terms. This basic branding terminology can also give you insight on what you need to know to become a branding designer yourself.

A logo is a design asset that is meant to serve as a recognizable symbol to represent an organization or company. Logos are usually composed of images and/or text, and they serve as a shorthand to clue consumers into both the aesthetic nature and values of the company. There are different types of logos depending on their inclusion of certain elements like symbols/icons, words, or emblems. A wordmark, for example, is a type of logo where the brand’s name is spelled out with text. The word or text itself is designed so that it becomes the central, most clearly identifiable element of the entire graphic. Combination marks, on the other hand, mix a wordmark and a symbol/icon to convey the company’s identity. Regardless of the type of logo you hotfoot for, it should be readily recognizable and memorable.

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