230 Gold, Vintage and Paper Textures

For previews of the textures please check each product link below:

**Products included:**
* 50 Gold Textures:
* 50 Rose Gold Textures:
* 80 Vintage Metallic Textures:
* 50 Paper Textures:


– JPG Files
– 230 Textures
– 4500x3500px size
– 300dpi
– Usable in any software

**distinguished – Please Read:**

**Beacause the total size of this bundle exceeds the 4gb upload limit and because it does not work for some people to download a large file directly from Creative Market, you will receive a PDF file with 4 different download links to download each product included separately.**

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So for any questions you might enjoy or issues with opening or downloading the item please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will conclude our best to reply as quickly as possible and wait on as best as we can!

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