214 Spray Photoshop Brushes

214 DIFFERENT SPRAY PHOTOSHOP STAMP BRUSHES **FOR PHOTOSHOP CS5 – CS6 – CC(All versions)** **ATTENTION!** *This brushes are not pressure sensitive so you don’t need a graphic tablet to spend them*

**SAME SPRAYS AS TRANSPARENT PNG IMAGES** – https://crmrkt.com/v2meN

Huge pack of spray paint shapes and textures as a Photoshop Brushes. Painted by inks on paper. Then all of this papers was scanned, edited in photoshop and saved as a high resolution brushes.

**- 214 Unique spray brushes (Blobs, Strokes, Spot, Leaks, Particles) up to 5000 pixels size**

This brush textures are high resolution and could be a distinguished addition to any project. spend them for cards, invitations, banners, templates, flyers, covers, posters, at print, web design, websites, apps, presentations, art, creating patterns, cases.

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