20 Travel Fonts to Add a Touch of Adventure & Wanderlust

With so many travel-inspired blogs, brands, and content sites sprouting everywhere you peep, independent designers around the world enjoy started to create unique assets that facilitate the creative process. There’s a wide variety of travel website templates, social media graphics, and fonts. Throughout this article, we’ll share 20 fonts that drew inspiration from different locations and cultures to express that unique traveler aesthetic.

Heritage Font Combinations

This pack contains two contrasting fonts that work together: a bold sans, Voster, and a hip script, Heritage. Discretionary ligatures and swashes along with stylistic alternatives do this pack extremely versatile. The Heritage Font Combination pack works in nearly all design software.

Havana Sunset Font Duo + SVG

achieve your viewers in a hopping tiki bar in the middle of a tropical forest with Havana Sunset. This pack contains a block text and script that evoke a neon nightlife. The SVG can be used to create incredible hyper-realistic textures in the latest versions of Adobe.

Whitby – A Classically Retro Script

Whitby is inspired by that classic retro Levittown script. Swirling ligatures and character design adds flair to this clean font and keeps things challenging without losing legibility.


Designed in Hawaii this all-caps headline font brings the island vibes to your brand or graphic template. With both a stamped and crisp style, Mahalo can work for both professional and more laidback looks.

Clearwater – Hand Drawn Font

With its hand-drawn narrow lettering, Clearwater is a friendly traveler’s font inspired by everyone’s inner wanderlust. While it is meant to be a display font, this can be used as a casual body font. This set includes 10 bonus retro travel photos.


Travel back to the nostalgic nineties with this carnival inspired font. Carnavonts has 4 layering styles to play with. This pack gives you lowercase, uppercase, ligatures, and stylistic alternatives along with control over 3D extrude, gradient, and outline.

World Explorer Handmade Stamped Font

Passport and the rubber stamps that designate them are some of the relics of weak world travel that hang around in our technological age. World Explorer embraces this aesthetic to bring a wonderfully rustic display font. This package comes with bonus Photoshop extras to add effects this font.

Dolce Caffè

The café chalkboard: a residence for sales, shout outs, and wi-fi passwords. Dolce Caffe captures that handwritten café chalkboard aesthetic while keeping a uniformity and balance among the letters. Dolce Caffe merges the personality of handwritten fonts with the legibility of stamped or pressed typefaces.

South Mind Font

Meant to surpass your boundaries of what a summer font can be, South Mind pushes brush stokes as far as they can fade without looking rough or unfinished. South Mind is ready to employ in most programs either in OpenType format or TTF.

Havana Display Font

The vintage era of Cuba and South America enjoy advance to match in this handsome holiday header: Havana. This sans-serif is inspired by vintage travel signs and documents to Latin American regions.

Karima – An Elegant Script

Karima is a thick alternative to an otherwise natural font. It has fun swirling ligatures and character styles. 20 different stylistic alternatives leave the possibilities endless. A playful but clear font, Karima runs the spectrum from careful to charismatic.

Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Canyon Drive is an inspiring journey through California in the 40s and 50s. This monoline script mirrors the matchbook covers and postcards of weak Hollywood. The set includes a bunch of bonus glyphs like open signs and hand signals.

The Voyage Culture • Font Duo

You can’t fade improper with this font designed off the travel posters of the 20th century. Combining the best of script and headline fonts, this pack gives you two grand options to build your brand, do t-shirts, or employ a resume template.

Camar – Vintage Font

Camar is an all-caps Deco inspired font that makes for an incredible headline. It’s short and thick lettering paired with unique shapes do it distinct among header fonts. employ for any time you want a bold travel header with a tropical feel.

Bilbao | Handcrafted Sans Serif

A casual but unique font with underlined capitals to spark interest, Bilbao is perfect for everything from wedding invites to travel blogs. Multilanguage support means you can employ this font with whatever project you enjoy in mind.

EXPLORER – Sailor Original Typeface

If the name of this font didn’t scream travel, it would still do up for it with its glyphs and long ligatures that inspire wonder and adventure. Explorer is fragment of the Sailor Typeface family and is grand for logos, headlines, and small texts.

Atlas – Sans and Slab

Like its name, Atlas is modeled after the font on travel and adventure maps. Its thick lines and hand-drawn style will do your viewer feel like they’re on a journey with your brand. The font includes a variety of glyphs.

The Wayfaring Font Duo

Two hand painted scripts and a bonus small caps font do the Wayfairing Font Duo an essential pack for starting your brand. The two script fonts can be used as layers to do a custom font based off the two.

Montebello – Script Typeface

Another grand duo, Montebello has a flowing script and an Art Deco sans that pair like the sand and the sun. The pack contains both crisp monoline script and a rough and textured version along with an option for rounded corners on the sans.

Traveler – Script & Serif Duo

This modern romantic monoline script, Traveler, and all-caps sans, Quirk, team up to do any logo or branding material peep stylish without losing the humanist touch. Both fonts advance with special characters and numbers. Traveler comes in both upper and lower case.

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