20 Media Kit Templates to Pitch Your Blog to Brands and Journalists

Most bloggers want to grow their audience. A powerful way to carry out that is by getting coverage in press outlets or collaborating with brands, but it can be hard to figure out just how to gather word out to the proper people.

In order to gain more exposure for your blog, it can be helpful to send out a media kit. Media kits are documents that give helpful information and statistics about the blog and abet journalists and brands understand more about who you are, what you carry out and who you appeal to. You may send a media kit to a journalist directly or send it to a brand, where a marketing or PR rep will field it.

What carry out You Include in a Media Kit?

If you want to beget a media kit for yourself, you will need to include the following information about your blog:

  • A bio: This should be for you and the history of your blog.
  • Contact info: beget sure they know how to gather in touch with you.
  • Graphics: employ images that you employ on your blog to rupture up text.
  • Statistics: How many views, subscribers, social media followers and more.
  • Previous work: prove previous collaboration or press about your blog.
  • Ideas about collaborating: interpret what you want and how a brand or journalist can work with your blog.
  • Testimonials: Remarks from companies you’ve worked with in the past about the experience.

Blogger Media Kit Templates

If you own all the info to include in your media kit but you’re not sure how to design one that will study capable, the following media kit templates will abet.

1. Blogger Media Kit Template | 3 Pages

This blogger media kit template is three pages long. It is minimalistic, clear, and has lots of room for images, making it a powerful choice for food, fashion, and photography blogs.

2. Blog Media Kit + Sponsorship

This template by Blogger Kit. Co. offers a five-page kit, as well as cover letter and rate sheets. It includes an Instagram-specific rate sheet, so it may be a capable choice for an influencer or anyone with a particularly large social media following.

3. Blog Media Kit | Two Pages

This media kit template is short but, if your stats speak for themselves, it’s the perfect media kit for you.

4. Blog Media / Press Kit Template

The.French. Resume created a press kit template that is extremely versatile. This kit may be useful for a fashion blogger or model — someone whose looks abet sell their brand.

5. Blog Media Kit Template

This two-page blog media kit template is more text-heavy than some. It’s a capable choice if you are a blogger who wants to list previous collaborations, sell with statistics and interpret your mission. It may be the proper kit for a blogger who is just starting out.

6. Blogger Media Kit

This media kit template can be edited in Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign. It is extremely editable, which means it’s capable for nearly any blogger who wants to adapt and employ it.

7. Symbolis Blogger Media Kit

Egotype has created a 20-page blogger media kit. It’s intended to be used by fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion businesses, beauticians, and stylists.

8. Media Kit Template for Blogger

You can easily customize this media kit, which includes high-resolution graphics and flowing text styles. It’s relatively text-heavy and may be capable for bloggers who are known for their writing.

9. Blog Media Kit Template | Two Pages

This two-page media kit that features large images is an excellent choice for lifestyle bloggers. It’s created for Word, so you don’t need specialized design programs to edit yours.

10. Two-Page Media Kit – “Live Freely”

This Microsoft Word-based template features a full-page image. That makes it capable for beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, models, and more.

11. Media Kit Template for Blogger

This black-and-white media kit is best for bloggers whose work isn’t visual. It can be edited in Photoshop and Word.

12. Media Kit for Blogger

This powerful media kit for food bloggers shows off stunning visuals. It’ll beget mouths water.

13. Media Kit Template No. 2

Pixel & Oak’s media kit template is minimalistic and polished. It’s two pages long and compatible with Photoshop and InDesign.

14. Blogger Media Kit Template

Blogger Kit Co. made this extremely versatile media kit template that is three pages long and editable in Word.

15. Blog Media Kit + Sponsorship

Any non-tech-savvy blogger should be able to employ this kit, since it is editable in Microsoft Word. It’s a powerful choice for writers, comedians, photographers, and more.

16. Rose Gold Blog Media Kit

The designer of Rose Gold explains that it is for “fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion businesses, beauticians, and stylists.” It’s four pages long, with one page of advertising and sponsored rates.

17. Media Kit + Sponsorship Set

This Word-formatted media kit template is straightforward and minimalistic. It’s versatile, so a capable choice for any blogger who has lots of stats and info to share.

18. Blog Media Kit Template

This three-page media kit template is geared towards fashion influencers. It’s editable in Word and Photoshop.

19. Blogger Media Kit Template

This template is described as “dapper,” and it’s handsome in black and white. This is a powerful choice for male fashion or lifestyle bloggers.

20. Golden Blog Media Kit

This is a media kit template that was designed for onscreen viewing. It’s photo-heavy, so powerful for beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, stylists, and more.

Once you gather the word out about your blog with a media kit, it’s time to beget sure your blog and its brand is in tip-top shape. Browse design assets on Creative Market to find photos, logo creator kits, typefaces, templates and more that can beget your blog stand out and study professionally designed.

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