20 Coffee Inspired Fonts For Hipster Logos and Labels

Coffee shops and beat poetry were at the heart of 1960’s hipster style. Modern coffee-themed fonts are combining modern design trends with the casual inspect of coffee shops and cafes to recreate that retro hipster vibe for logos, labels, posters, and more.

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Blue Mountain Espresso

Blue Mountain Espresso is a handwritten brush pen font with a casual sans serif inspect. With over 200 characters and support for Western European languages, Blue Mountain Espresso can be paired with just about any serif or script font for logos, posters, and branding with a unique retro style.

Quesha Font

With clean, rounded characters, Quesha combines geometric construction with a casual feel. Quesha includes a complete character set with both standard and discretionary ligatures.

Dolce Caffe

Inspired by chalkboard café signs in Berlin, Dolce Caffe is a handwritten font that features all uppercase letters. With a full character set that includes all punctuation, Dolce Caffe adds a light, retro inspect to logos, packaging, and invitations.

Mocha Script Set

An unusual, geometric script font, Mocha Script’s flowing letters add a vintage feel to labels, invitations, posters, and signs. Mocha Script comes in an extended four-weight set with support for Western European languages.


Seattle is a hand painted sans serif font inspired by café signage for utilize on menus, signboards, and even cards and invitations. Seattle comes in an all caps set that includes all punctuation and numbers.

Sabores Script

With its smooth forms and luxurious curves, Sabores strives to echo the inspect and feel of the world of cooking. Sabores comes in five weights, with swashes and dingbats for utilize in food related signage and logos.

Espresso Roast Font Trio

The Espresso Roast Font Trio includes caps, a full script set, and a symbol set with over 50 unique symbols. With support for all Western European languages, Espresso Roast adds a casual, hand drawn inspect to posters, signs, labels, and posters.


Flexible and highly condensed, Transistor is an all-caps font for putting long words in tight spaces. Inspired by vintage hardware packaging, Transistor comes will full support for Western European languages and a full set of numbers and symbols.


Inspired by coffee shop signs and vintage typefaces, Alcester is a bold, condensed sans serif font with a handcrafted feel. Alcester comes in all caps with a full set of numbers.

Herchey Script

A bold script font inspired by vintage baseball logos, Herchey Script includes both upper and lower case with a set of 471 alternate glyphs. Herchey Script also comes with a secondary serif font and a manual full of additional information on all glyphs.

Amelia Script

With over 180 hand-drawn characters for a variety of languages and dialects, Amelia is a casual script font for invitations, packaging, and logos. Amelia comes with a set of web fonts and ornaments and includes an installation guide for both Windows and Mac.

I Need Coffee

I Need Coffee is a casual, hand-lettered font that comes only in all caps for utilize on images, for social media campaigns, posters, and signs. I Need Coffee includes the full letter set, along with numbers and basic punctuation.

Heubeul Vintage Typeface

A retro, chalkboard style font for signs, menu boards, and posters, Heubuel has a rough hand-lettered inspect. Heubeul includes both the Heubeul Rough font family and Heubeul Vintage Italic, with numerous stylistic alternates for both upper and lower case.

Coffee + Extras

The Coffee font pack includes handmade script and serif font styles, with plenty of stylistic alternates, ligatures, and glyphs. The Coffee set comes with a set of web fonts and the Coffee Goodies glyphs in multiple file formats.

Black Coffee

A hand-drawn font inspired by chalkboard signs and coffee house menus, Black Coffee comes in all bold caps for posters, t-shirts, signs and logos. Black Coffee includes alternate ligatures and a full set of numbers and punctuation.

Brooklyn Coffee Custom Font

Inspired by vintage hand-lettered signs, Brooklyn Coffee comes in both regular and outline styles. Brooklyn Coffee includes a full set of all caps letters, plus numbers and punctuation for a rough, chalkboard inspect on signage, posters, and logos.

Espresshow + Swashes

A thin, ornate sans serif typeface, Espresshow adds a vintage inspect to logos, magazines, and book covers. Espresshow includes both the Espresshow typeface and Espresshow Swash, a set of 27 extra swashes for more decoration.

Café Brasil Family

Based on the shape of a coffee bean, Café Brasil represents the earthy aspects of coffee for branding, logos, and labels. Café Brasil comes in both regular and italic, with an extensive set of alternates and glyphs representing the world of coffee.

Magle Coffee Branding Script

Magle blends modern chic with vintage style to add a coffeehouse-inspired inspect to packaging, branding, and logo design. Magle includes Magle Script and Magle Sans, a bold sans serif version, and supports a variety of languages.

Noyh A

A handmade font for signs, invitations, magazine covers, and more, Noyh A comes in two styles: rough-edged Bistro and smooth Café with texture options. Noyh A also includes a set of vintage-inspired elements and patterns to complement the font.

In all its forms, coffee represents fellowship, warmth, and comfort. With retro styling and vintage appeal, these coffee-inspired font sets bring the spirit of fresh coffee and coffeehouses to hipster-style design projects of all kinds.

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