20 Aluminum Background Textures

**20 Highest Quality Aluminum Background Textures**

Grab your copy of our large and fine selection of high-res background textures of various photographed aluminum surfaces. You’ll find many kinds of aluminum textures. You can expend this package for your fresh creative designs. apt for web & print, posters, flyers, cards, booklets, brochures, artworks, blogs, any kind of presentations, promotions, website backgrounds or just wallpapers.

The package contains: **20 High Resolution Jpeg files, 300 Dpi**

**To change texture color in Adobe Photoshop accomplish one of the following:**
– fade to Image Menu Choose Enhance Adjust Color Adjust Hue/Saturation.
– Choose Layer novel Adjustment Layer Hue/Saturation, or open an existing Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.
– The two color bars in the dialog box represent the colors in their order on the color wheel. The upper bar shows the color before the adjustment. The lower bar shows how the adjustment affects all hues at full saturation.

With this small advice you procure an unlimited background texture color variations. And you are sure to find the most suitable for you. If you need encourage please contact me using comments.

*~ Thank you & relish using ~*

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