15+ Procreate Brushes XMAS 2017 Set

As a Christmas Special, here’s my free XMAS 2017 MegaPack update as a stand-alone brush set. This XMAS Brush Set contains **15 novel and optimized brushes for Procreate 4** including the MAGIK SWORD brush I created for the distinguished Nicholas Kole as well as 2 novel color swatches.

**You’ll come by:**
– Nicholas Kole’s MAGIK SWORD: A paper-textured multi-purpose brush with a hard and a soft edge. It can be used as a sketch, ink, and watercolor/marker brush as well as for painting with soft gradients and a seamless paper texture. utilize pen tilt to create really smooth transitions with your brush strokes.
– The MAGIK SPEAR: A very versatile sketch and ink brush with nice dynamics and flow. utilize tilt for blocking forms and shading.
– The MAGIK SHIELD: A dynamic painting and shading brush with a subtle paper texture. utilize with low opacity for soft transitions and smooth shading.
– The MAGIK LANCE (INKER): This ink brush with varying line width is based on my celebrated Kolinsky ink and paint brush series. I added some extras like dynamic opacity and brush hair patterns that become gradually visible when you apply strong pressure and/or utilize a low pen tilt angle.
– WET OIL PAINT MIXER P4.2: A pure color mixing and blending brush I developed for digitally creating oil paintings from any reference photo or image in Procreate (also available as a stand-alone brush: https://gumroad.com/l/mixer-brush ).
– XMAS MAGIK MESSY INKER roll: A variant of the MESSY INKER with longer streaks for low tilt angles.
– XMAS MAGIK SWORD OVAL: A novel variant of the MAGIK SWORD with an oval brush tip and hard/soft edge orientation following your finger/stylus stroke direction.
– XMAS OIL PAINTER: A streaky oil painting, blending, and mixer brush. The color runs out at the cessation of each stroke – preserve painting without lifting your pen/finger to plug around and paint with the existing colors.
– XMAS MAGIK PAINTER WET: A multi-purpose wet paintbrush with a soft aquarelle paper texture. utilize tilt to accentuate the texture grain.
– XMAS POINTILLISM: A versatile low-density spray brush, which you can utilize for loose stippling and spray shading as well as for adding dirt and dust to your scene.
– XMAS POSEIDON multiply: A modified version of my celebrated textured watercolor brush including “Multiply” color blending for a realistic color mix (no need to work on separate layers for color blending).
– XMAS SNOW SPRINKLE: This brush is very useful to add paint sprinkles and flicks to your illustrations. Just in time for the Holiday Season, it’s also a perfect brush for painting falling snow. For a natural perceive and perspective depth, utilize pen tilt to vary between soft, smooth and hard circle edges.
– XMAS WATERCOLOR multiply: A brand-novel watercolor paintbrush set to “Multiply” for natural color blending. utilize tilt for subtle texture shading and reduced color opacity.
– BONUS Content: KING KOLE KOLOR and GvW TOON TOWN color swatches

**Best Deal:**
All brushes from this set are also included in my 400+ brushes MegaPack (free update #26, version 16.0, Dec 23rd, 2017).

**FAQ & Tips**
– Check my FAQ and follow step-by-step tutorials for downloading and importing your novel brushes into Procreate: http://procreate-brushes.com/tagged/faq
– All brushes can also be used as an eraser as well as smudge tool to achieve a consistent perceive & feel.
– Play with opacity, try out pen pressure, tilt angle, and speed sensitivity to utilize my brushes to their full potential.
Remove grain or reduce jitter if you prefer a cleaner line art.
– Adjust the StreamLine setting (automatic stroke correction feature) to fit your style.

Hope you savor the brushes as much as I enjoyed creating them.

elated Holidays and a peaceful, creative novel Year! 😊


**Everything Procreate: **
Learn more about my 400+ brushes, swatches, and tools:

**Artwork by Jens K: **
Thanks and kudos to the distinguished Norwegian comic artist Jens K Styve who shared the time-lapse video of his zany Xmassy illustration with my novel XMAS MAGIK MESSY INKER brush!

Check out Jens K’s hilarious comics and discover more of his wonderfully weird artwork: www.JensK.net

NOTE: The brushes are designed exclusively for Procreate 4 (iOS App). A pressure sensitive stylus like the Apple Pencil is recommended to retract full advantage of the brushes, but not necessary.

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