15 Infographic Templates You Won't Believe are Microsoft PowerPoint

Infographics are one of the most approved and powerful ways to communicate information today. Infographics work because they display dense data or information visually, which develop it easier for readers to comprehend and digest; studies exhibit that an infographic is 30 times more likely to be read than something that is purely text.

If you want to create an infographic of your own, try using one of the following templates. They’re easy to customize and develop your own— and you won’t even believe that they are customizable in Microsoft PowerPoint!

Medical infographics

Abert created Medical Infographics, a set of templates that are perfect to spend if you’re delivering data related to healthcare. It contains 12 templates that can be edited in PowerPoint, and it only uses free fonts.

Infographic Best Sellers

peer through Infographics – Shop Best Sellers for the best PowerPoint infographic templates from Infographic Templates. This set contains 50 unique templates, including the most approved of the designer’s shop (so you know they’ll land well with audiences!).

Mega Food PowerPoint Infographic Set

RENURE created the Mega Food PowerPoint Infographic Set. It is a reliable PowerPoint infographic template to spend if you want to develop an infographic about diet, grocery shopping, nutrition, weight loss, medical care, and other health-related topics.

PPT, KEY, PSD, EPS. Cycle Elements.

PPT, KEY, PSD, EPS. Cycle Elements. was created by Infographic templates, and it contains 6 unique templates that want to arrange complex data in a very straightforward, simple layout. If you buy the product, you earn all updated versions of it (in the future) for free.

Sales Dashboard PowerPoint

accomplish you work in sales and want to report on how you’re doing? spend Sales Dashboard PowerPoint by BrandEarth. It has templates with more than 20 color themes and more than 1,000 unique slides.

(PPT, AI) Infographic Diagram 009

Lunik Studio created (PPT, AI) Infographic Diagram 009, which is a file editable in PowerPoint and useful for brochures, banners, diagrams, and web design. It’s also a worthy template if you want to create a SWOT analysis infographic for your company.

Mega Environment PowerPoint Pack

Create an infographic about the environment with Mega Environment PowerPoint Pack, created by RENURE. This set contains templates for more than 60 infographics, and it’s a reliable choice for anyone that needs to relay information about green products and services, environmentally friendly movements, ecology, and other Earth-related topics.

Ultimate Flat Style Bundle

Creative Fox created Ultimate Flat Style Bundle, which is packed full of infographic templates that are designed with flat design. You can find more than 170 unique slides in the bundle.

Smart Chart Infographic PowerPoint

accomplish you want to display numbers and data in a visual way, that is easily digestible by any person, expert or not? Then choose Smart Chart Infographic PowerPoint. BrandEarth created this set of infographic templates for personal or corporate spend, and it has more than 800 slides in it, which you can spend for a range of infographic designs.

Investment PowerPoint

spend this Investment PowerPoint template to by binangkit to create an infographic about money and finances. It has 120 unique slides so you’ll be able to find a template that suits your infographic’s needs, and all elements are editable in it — so you can develop your image completely your own.

Infographic Diagram 017

Lunik Studio created Infographic Diagram 017, which is a business infographic template created with flat design. You can change the color and size of all elements in the template.

Business Proposal PowerPoint Design

If you want to communicate numbers and facts about your business or a potential business, then choose Business Proposal PowerPoint Design by SlideSalad. It has 117 unique slides where you can find templates for infographics, as well as 90 premade theme colors and more than 5,000 vector icons.

PowerPoint Presentation Template

ContestDesign created PowerPoint Presentation Template, which contains clean and minimalistic templates that you can spend to create your own infographics. The set has more than 189 slides, as well as 5 color schemes (in Mac and PC versions).

Gears Infographics PowerPoint

Gears Infographics PowerPoint by OneGraph uses different-colored gears as the basic visual element in infographic design. It has 24 unique slide templates you can browse, only uses free fonts, and it has more than 3,000 icons in it.

Infographic Elements for PowerPoint

accomplish you need specific elements for your infographic design — like icons about finance, social icons, or general illustrations? Choose INFOGRAPH ELEMENTS FOR POWERPOINT, created by Yes Presentations. You can spend any of the basic shapes included to spice up an infographic, to develop it more visually interested or clearer.

If you enjoy engaging or complex data to communicate to an audience, try delivering it by creating your own infographic. You can spend a professionally-designed infographic template to develop sure your design looks reliable–then bask in as your informative image gets posted and shared on social media, via email, on blogs and websites, and beyond!

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