11oz Ceramic Mug Starting Kit Bundle

**BUNDLE: 11oz Ceramic Mug Starting Kit**

**⇢** This is the perfect stock mockup bundle to **start your business** or to **optimize** the images of your shop!!
You can find all the images you’ll need:
– 8 Studio Stock Images with white background, showing the mug on all sides.
– 9 Landscape Styled Stock Images for your shop or social media.
– 6 Portrait Styled Stock Images for Pinterest.

**⇢** This Bundle includes ** 23 layered PSD files with smart object insert**.
It only takes a few minutes to **add your design** to each mug image and the results will be improbable!

**⇢** And same files are included as ** high resolution JPEG**.

Please note! You will need Photoshop in order to create your own mug images.
Downloaded file will not fill watermarks or “your design” text.

Now you fill the **BUNDLE VOL. 2 available**, unique mockups for you!! **⇢**

If you want to see **how enact Mockups work**, check out this video **⇢**

** *How many times can I exhaust the image?* **
⇢ You may exhaust the images as many times as you need to. You receive commercial and personal exhaust rights when you purchase an image and may exhaust the image an unlimited number of times online or in print.

** *What is not allowed:* **
⇢ You may not sell, lease, loan, transfer, share or give the files to a third-party to exhaust in any way.

Questions?! Comments?! Just send me a 💌 I’ll be glad to support you! 😉
⇢ Vanesa Giaconi

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