10 Simple Steps to an Instagram Refresh

Does your Instagram need a puny refresh? It’s your lucky day! To celebrate our unusual Social Media templates category, we’re launching a 10-day Instagram Makeover Challenge!

We’ve lined up 10 daily prompts that will encourage you to post something unusual and relevant every day for 10 days. Head over to the Creative Market Instagram account to learn more and join the challenge!

To kick the challenge off, we’ve asked Rosemary Watson, a brand stylist & strategist, to share 10 notable strategies for anyone who wants to up their Instagram game. Rosemary is an Instagram powerhouse and has even developed a course on the subject. We’ll let her acquire it from here.

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Step 1: Gather Inspiration

The first step to any noteworthy project is to gather up ideas and inspiration. One of my favorite unusual ways to organize all those juicy nuggets is to spend Instagram’s unusual Saved Images and Collections.

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That puny flag in the upper left corner of your profile can unlock a smorgasbord of gorgeous posts from all around Instagram. Whenever you spot something you care for on the platform simply click that handy puny flag, and it’s stored safe and sound within Instagram, and then organize them with ease in the Collections.


Step 2: Know Your Brand Keywords

We always want to manufacture sure we are representing our personal brands on all our social media platforms, and especially Instagram because it’s so very visual. I command my students to assume of their Instagram feeds like their own personal magazines. If you went to the magazine section of Barnes & Noble, what magazine would your personal brand be closest to? What are the three most fitting adjectives that would recount your magazine?

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manufacture sure every post you share on Instagram embodies those adjectives so you can exhibit up consistently and allow your Instagram followers to know you, like you, and trust your brand because you’re showing up the same way every day. The three brand keywords or adjectives you select will be the “North Star” to all your design decisions. It’s so notable to hold that clarity before you start designing all willy nilly.


Step 3: Pick a Color Palette

This is where the fun allotment starts my friends. All of us creatives care for jumping into color! Here is where you gain to choose: Are you going to stick solely to one brand palette, or will you change up coordinating color palettes throughout your feed? I actually switch out my color palette inspiration each week by starting off my Mondays with a Mood Board Monday theme.

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Then, I draw out the visuals for the rest of the week based on the colors of that week’s color palette. No matter what you choose, there are a TON of fantastic resources on Creative Market where you can gain unbelievable color palettes to guide your Instagram Refresh, like this Ladypreneur Branding Kit from Station Seven.

Ladypreneur Branding Kit